WATCH: Swedish Far Right? So Far, Right (Updated)

That’s the Swedish MP (from the party known as Swedish Democrats) Kent Ekeroth countering the delusions of the Swedish Foreign Minister with the truth printed straight from Facebook and translated, where necessary (because the cartoons are pretty clear) by Palestine Media Watch.

Swedish Minister of Foreign Affairs Margot Wallström: ”I note that President Abbas has made it his mission in life to replace violence with diplomatic struggle to reach an end to the Israeli occupation of Palestine…”
Swedish MP Kent Ekeroth uses PMW documentation to refute Foreign Minister’s defense of PA: ”[Foreign Minister] Wallström says: “I’ve heard him [Abbas] denouncing [terror].” Not once in the last two months with over 20 Israelis dead, has he dissociated himself. Fatah’s official Facebook page has a picture of a knife in the back of a Jew, and the text says: ‘Here is Jerusalem – beware.’ On Fatah’s official Twitter account, just a month ago, we see a Palestinian terrorist who plays the violin on a knife. Knives are now used daily to attack the Jews. Here’s another picture from Fatah’s Facebook account, which is controlled by Mahmoud Abbas. It is a picture of a German book from 1936, that says: ‘Do not trust a Jew.’ This is from Oct. 29, 2015. I’m sorry, but you cannot say that Abbas is a friend of peace… Wallström and others need to understand that Abbas speaks two languages – one to gullible politicians, where he claims to speak about peace, and another to the Palestinians in which he promotes, glorifies and rewards terror…”
Swedish Minister of Foreign Affairs Margot Wallström: “Where you get your information from – only the gods know.”
[Debate in Swedish Parliament, posted on
MP Kent Ekeroth’s YouTube channel, Dec. 4, 2015]

Remember this: Margot Wallström, on Swedish TV SVT2 around 12 hours after the Paris massacres. The following is a direct (and verified translation of her recorded words):

To counteract the radicalization we must go back to the situation such as the one in the Middle East in which not at the least the Palestinians sees that there is no future; we must either accept a desperate situation or resort to violence.– Swedish Foreign Minister Margot Wallström in response to the terrorist attacks in Paris on 13 November 2015

I met Kent. Back in 2010 I spent a couple of days with a delegation of political leaders from Europe and Kent was in that group. Whilst I can’t, obviously, vouch for every member of each of the political parties whose leaders were on that trip, I applied then (and continue to apply) my version of the Israel Test to anyone the media calls “far right”.

Where do they stand on Jews and Israel? Do people grasp Israel’s fight for survival is a battle against Jihad and Islam or are they harbouring the classic antisemitic views of the traditional far-right in Europe such as Jewish control of media and finance? Do they think that all actions by Muslims claiming to act in the name of their religion are just a reaction to the oppression of Arabs by Israel since 1967 (or 1948)?

Frankly, much as they’ve done with the overused charge of “racism”, the media has rendered the charge “far right” completely worthless. Every one of Marine Le Pen’s economic policies is socialist right up to nationalisation of industries. In what way, other than opposing un-assimilating Muslim immigration, is she far right? The same is true to varying degrees across Europe.

So when the established Jewish voices tell you not to support Kent Ekeroth because he stands for a “far right” party I’d ask that Jewish establishment who they think will support Israel and the Jews in our ongoing fight against Jihad. Kent Ekeroth reading Fatah’s Facebook page or the woman who blamed Israel for the Paris attacks while the blood was still being cleaned up.

Update: reader Yona has pointed out the full video. It’s well worth watching as Kent skewers the hapless Margot on many more points. Make sure you turn on subtitles (unless your Swedish is much better than mine!).


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