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Judge Dreddful

A Washington DC district judge recently ruled that living in Judea and Samaria was too risky, but how "risky" is it really?

Memorial Service Boom Bah

This one had no chants and cheers, but tears.

Photo Of The Day

Light in the darkness

The Messenger, The Saga Continues

More of this inspirational story

Jews Presumed Guilty

I know that there are places I could go and roads I could drive on last week that this week are too dangerous to consider

Reader Post: The Murder of Innocents and Evil Fruit

The contrast between us and the Arab World could not be greater

I Bet You’ve Never Heard Of Omaima Jaradat

It’s almost certain a Jew didn’t kill this girl so you don’t need to care

Understanding The Israeli Response To The Kidnapping

Americans should draw on our own recent history as victims of terrorism, and simply say, we understand.
image Israel funeral.

Photo of the Day: Israel, One Nation One Heart

One nation, one heart

Cameron’s Government Almost Gets It Right – Updated

How do you take a great statement by David Cameron and mess it up?

The Mother Of All Moments

There are moments you know will be remembered.


Welcome to stage 2 of grieving. We're pissed off.

Setting Extra Places Until We Bring Back Our Boys

#EyalGiladNaftali are in our thoughts. #BringBackOurBoys

Shhh Don’t Mention The Terrorist Kidnapping

They mentioned it once, but they got away with it because only the Jews saw it


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