Photo of the Day: Israel, One Nation One Heart

Today was the funeral for Eyal, Gilad and Naftali, three teenagers murdered by Hamas terrorists. This is photo of the day, not epic novel of the day. Therefore, I will skip the eight hour long story of how far I had to walk in the hot sun to get to the Modiin cemetery.

Besides, a woman at the bus stop told me not to complain.

image Israel funeral.

I was following this man part of the way, in the biggest crowd I have ever been crushed in,

his shirt summed up the day best, “One nation, with one heart.”

A heavy heart, together today in mourning.,


2 thoughts on “Photo of the Day: Israel, One Nation One Heart”

  1. no matter what country we live in, all Jews are heartbroken about the murders of these boys. all good people of every religion join us in our loss.

    you notice I said all “good” people. that clearly doesn’t include the Arab savages who attacked the ambulance carrying the boys’ dead bodies. who DOES that?

    as awful as it was, I’m glad to see those photos: I want the world to see what kind of people our “peace partners” are. I’d especially like the Obama Regime to see.

    speaking of them: no condemnation about the ambulance attack, not even from the Hashtag Twins. but plenty of reminders to Israel to be restrained. disgusting.

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