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Gosh, What a Great Response

Israel has gone on the offensive against the Marrickville Council's BDS-holes in a quite marvellous way

Austen Tayshus vs The Moonbats

In this week's episode of Australian ABC's Q&A program, the debate turned to Israel, the BDS movement, and the Gaza flotilla, with comedian Austen Tayshus doing an admirable job against Greens nutcase Lee Rhiannon and "journalist" Paul McGeough.
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The Chaser’s Take on Green’s BDS BS

Australian satirical comedy group The Chaser take on the Marrickville mayor Fiona Byrne's ill-fated plans to boycott Israel.
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Byrned Herself!

Green party Mayor of Marrickville and BDS-hole, Fiona Byrne, caught lying.
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The Green Mayor of Marrickville's boycott of Israel will cost ratepayers almost $4 million.
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