Byrned Herself!

Further to my previous post on the Green party Mayor of Marrickville, Fiona Byrne, and her costly BDS crusade, it bears mentioning that last month she ran for the NSW state parliament – and lost by 676 votes out of a total of 37,416 (less than 1%). She lost thanks to being caught lying about her plans to introduce into state parliament a motion for an Israel boycott , if elected.

Here’s a radio interview with Byrne being confronted with her lies.

What is it about the pro palestinians and lying?

5 thoughts on “Byrned Herself!”

  1. I never thought I’d see the day when lefties bible “The Age” would publish a mocking editorial attacking Greenie politicians.

    “The fate of nations hangs in the balance. Is a mere boycott enough? Should Marrickville send troops?”

    “….stationing a taskforce comprising the entire waste disposal department off the Israeli coast, ready to bang Israeli bins together at a moment's notice.”

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