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When Hardly Any of the ‘Most Popular Palestinian Dishes’ on a Top Ten List...

Given the Israel-haters are constantly accusing us of appropriating palestinian food, I thought I'd look at each of these and see whether they actually originated in "Palestine"

Haters Go Ballistic Over VICE Story About Israeli Restaurant

Where the haters are so consumed by hatred, that even stories about Israeli restaurants trigger unhinged reactions

Palestinian Cultural Appropriation of the Day

Some of the food on display at the Ireland Palestine Solidarity Campaign's recent Land Day event

Some Morning ‘Cultural Appropriation’

Where I get back at the Palestinian Information Center who are constantly crying "cultural misappropriation"

Israel at 70: 70 Pictures of Delicious Mouthwatering Food from Israel

Trigger warning: This will make you want to get on the first plane, forget your calories and come straight to Israel!

Ali Abunimah Attacks Rachael Ray For Showcasing Israeli Foods

Ali's angry...and dishonest

WATCH: Food Blogger Mark Wiens Does Israel

I find his enthusiasm to be infectious. And I am really hungry right about now.

NY Times Article On “Palestinian Cuisine” Serves Up Food For Thought

Some inconvenient truths - to palestinians and their supporters at least

Only In Israel: An Authentic Israeli Celebration

Some patriotism was lacking in the food department.

WATCH: Arab Food Festival in Israel

THIS is Israel

WATCH: More Israeli Snacks Getting Tasted

Emmy is not the only one trying out Israeli snacks

Emmy Returns To Eating Israel

Nom nom


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