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A Soldier’s Voice From Gaza

“And it’s not easy to shoot at a mosque, it’s an important place for a lot of people"

Hamas Wants To Blockade Gaza

Why does Hamas shoot at the only goods crossing point into Gaza every single day?

How Hamas Is Destroying Civilian Infrastructure

Dear civilians of Gaza, Hamas is making your life a living hell. Are you ready to rise up against them yet?

There Are A Lot Of Children

Abort, abort, abort. Abortion saves children.

Let There Be Darkness

Or perhaps I should be invoking Exodus instead of Genesis?

I Wish I Didn’t Need To Say #BringBackOurBoys

The story of a hashtag I wish we didn’t have to use.

The Curious Case Of The Clueless Bashers

The first rule of "fact-checking" is to fact-check yourself

Another IDF Spokesperson Snafu: 122mm Mortar Shells

A great achievement for the IDF is undermined by clueless reporting about a non-existing ammunition type

My Little Princess Automatic Weapon

I don’t think they bought this in the Disney Store™. Do you?

Hamas Hits Us

IDF engineering forces destroyed a terror tunnel exposed earlier this month. During the engineering operation, Hamas detonated an explosive and wounded five Israeli soldiers.

Stop Shooting Us In The Back

Castigating the IDF Spokesperson Unit for making a stupid picture mistake while trying to replicate Israellycool’s Concentration Camp Gaza style of posts.

Proud To Be Associated With The IDF

I have huge respect for the men and women of the IDF placed in these terribly difficult and dangerous circumstances.

Breaking News: Old Media Bypass At IDF

Talking to the BBC or the NYT is not as important as tweeting or updating Facebook


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