The Curious Case Of The Clueless Bashers


The IDF Spokesperson once again put a wrong image on their Twitter account.

The image is of the War Memorial of Korea Museum in Seoul. As I pointed out politely

Naturally, this to-the-point advocacy against Hezbullah, their illegal weapon stockpile upfront to UNSC-1701, and the fact IDF is commemorating the WITHDRAWAL from Lebanon in the quest for peace, means Israel bashers were on it like vultures.

Translation: You are liars, the photograph is of North Korean missiles.

Translation: Don’t believe the lies of the IDF Spokesperson. He links to his blog post ->

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IDF’s PR people struggle for their client budget and they are using all means necessary. If they fail to scare us with threats of cessation of training and return to fighting form from before the Second Lebanon War, then North Korean missiles might intimidate us.

On Saturday night , 5/24/2014 Twitter account IDF spokesman provided the following Tweet ( Click here to source ) : ” IDF troops left # Lebanon 14yrs ago . Now # Hezbollah terrorists have rearmed, w / 100,000 missiles pointed at # Israel ” Or my free translation to Hebrew IDF Soldiers left Lebanon 14 years ago. Now Hezbollah terrorists are there with 100,000 missiles aimed at Israel To the Tweet was attach a photograph of missiles (that a check showed that came from another part of the world) Blog checks shows that the source of the photograph in South Korea. What you see in the photograph are models of North Korean Scud  B and Scud C missiles, displayed in the capital Seoul’s South Korea War Memorial Monument (click here for source ) So with all due respect to the fears that exist in Israeli society and the readiness or lack of readiness for war, please frighten us with the truth and not with illustrations. And if the truth is not really scary or not really threatening, please leave us alone .

Now the first rule of “fact-checking” is to fact-check yourself. This anti-establishment blogger re: MSNBC lied on yet another media source (MSNBC). As our readers might know, when it comes to military illustrations, the media is crap. Despite what the caption says, there is no Scud C in this display. Here are photos from different angles South Korea North Korea Rocket LaunchSouth Korea Koreas Tensionsouth_korea_north_korea_nuclear You can even check the shadows in Google earth, corresponding to just these 2 vertical missiles, the left one, a Scud B replica, and the right one, a nuclear-tipped Nike-Hercules SAM. So by stating that “What you see in the photograph are models of North Korean Scud  B and Scud C missiles”, Zeatu Barbarosa not only reneges on his assertion he tweeted these are NK missiles, but also mistakenly says there’s a Scud C. Yet the real sleight of pen here is that he casually dismisses the IDF claim of a massive Hezbullah re-arming, thank to Iran and Syria, which was the gist of the IDF Spokesperson tweet. The fun doesn’t end here. Even Haaretz joins the bashing:

Israel uses photo of Korean missiles in scare tweet about Hezbollah threat IDF: ‘Illustrative photo does not detract from gravity of threat posed by Hezbollah’s armament.’ The IDF Spokesperson on Saturday posted on its Twitter account a supposed image of some of the 100,000 missiles Hezbollah has aimed at Israeli cities – but there’s a problem or two with it. The missiles shown are not to be found in Lebanon, or even in Syria, and only one of them could remotely be said to illustrate any threat posed against Israel. The photo, which appears to be from AFP/Getty Images, was used on an IDF Spokesperson tweet marking 14 years since the army withdrew from Lebanon. “#Israel troops left #Lebanon 14yrs ago. Now #Hezbollah terrorists have rearmed, w/100,000 missiles pointed at #Israel,” it read. However, the tweet did not mention that the photo is illustrative only. In a blog post by Zeatu Barbarosa that was picked up by the pseudonymous Israeli blogger Eishton, it was noted that the photo was not particularly suited to the text of the tweet, as it bears no connection to Hezbollah. Indeed, according to the photo caption published by the French news agency AFP, the missiles depicted are mounted on a Korean War memorial in Seoul. — Yet the IDF Spokesperson’s digital editors were not the first to use this photo. It or others like it illustrated many articles on the Web and in print media in Israel and abroad on the subject of Scud missiles, because the word “Scud” appeared in the caption. However, most of the fearsome-looking weapons seen in the photo are U.S.-made anti-aircraft missiles used against Hawk fighter jets (part of the Israel Air Force’s fleet) and Nike Hercules missiles.

Epic fail. By trying to be witty, Ha’aretz fails Aruz Sheva style. You see, while Oded Yaron started to write that these are MIM-23 Hawk missiles, he nose-dived into a different Hawk, a trainer. Thing is, that too is a misidentification of the type of fighter used by the IAF, the Skyhawk. Never to miss an opportunity to bash Israel, DouchebloggerTm Richard Silverstein had this to say:

The facts in the text are accurate as far as they go (more on this below). But the deceit lies in the picture. It doesn’t show Hezbollah missiles, nor even missiles in Hezbollah’s arsenal. The IDF spokesperson couldn’t be bothered to find such a picture which would actually match the text. Instead, he found an ominous photo of missiles that conveyed the menace and threat he sought to dramatize. So he used it. Authenticity or accuracy be damned.

Yes, in his eyes, there’s always a malicious intent, deceit, or fraud. Though Dickie too shouldn’t be pointing fingers that quick:

Go and check Dave’s post about the irony of Dickie blasting someone for tweeting mismatched photos. So there you have it. Game, set, and match of Israel bashing. Some obscure blogger claiming the IDF are liars for posting a wrong pic, an anti-Israel advocacy site outwitting itself, and the ever hypocritical Silverstein, who’s escapades are literally too long to write about in one blog post. As for IDF spokesperson, I’m sure it is lesson learned. Update: Haaretz have “corrected” their error. gggfThey simply erased the term “Hawk”, just making it appear as though the Hawk missile can only intercept fighter jets, which are only used by the Israeli air force, and not bombers, drones, helicopters, or reconnaissance planes of any other air force in the world

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