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AJ+ Defends Terror Supporters And Inciters

Al Jazeera's "trendy" offshoot is at it again

When Incitement Kills

How long does it take a Palestinian to act on an incitement?

WATCH: Disturbing Footage From A Kindergarten Party In Gaza

Appalling incitement and child abuse

Fowl Play: Israel Haters Cover Up Deceased’s Bad Bee-Havior

More patent lying and dishonesty by the Israel haters

J Street Columbia Falsely Accuses Mayor Nir Barkat of Incitement

They are about as pro-Israel as I am the Queen of England

The Palestinian Music Scene Really Kills!

If you want to know a people, know their songs

This Palestinian Cartoon Speaks Volumes

Says a lot about their mentality

WATCH: The Facebook Incitement Experiment

The Facebook experiment that confirms what we've known all along.

The War On Incitement

1938: No YouTube, but they had fake Italian Nuns and a travelling cinema van to show made up pictures of Jews killing Arabs.

Seen In Gaza: Edgy Fashion


Abbas Reveals Motive Behind His Incitement

Just in case it wasn't clear . . . .

An ABC to the Art of Slaughter

It is incitement that enables human beings to hack others to death without so much blinking an eye

Anti-Israel? Who, Me?

The New York Times's Andrew Rosenthal can't seem to understand the criticism being leveled at him

WATCH: CNN’s Jake Tapper Calls Out Palestinian Lies And Incitement

Someone in the US media is finally getting the picture
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