Fowl Play: Israel Haters Cover Up Deceased’s Bad Bee-Havior


Earlier today, I posted about Refaat Alareer, editor of a book of fictional stories about Gaza and brother of deceased chicken Karkour.

Eagle-eyed reader Rachel noticed this September 2014 post from Deebo about his brother Muhammad Al-Alareer’s death, in which I had posted the following update:

Mohammed Alareer/Muhammad Al-Ar’ir was previously described as playing Karkour the chicken, and not Nahoul the bee. So it looks like those in charge of Tomorrow’s Pioneers also “hardly knew ye”!

I never gave it any further thought, but after seeing yesterday’s post and the earlier ones, Rachel raised a good point.

This was no mistake. Mentioning Al-Areer’s job as Karkour and not Nahoul was very deliberate.

Refaat had written glowing things about his brother on propaganda site The Electronic Intifada, painting him as a family man who was quiet and creative, and who played this “mischievous” character Karkour, who actually taught valuable life lessons.

My brother Mohammed Alareer, 31, a father of two, was killed by an Israeli airstrike while he was at home. While he was at home.

His two very beautiful children. Raneem, four, and one-year-old Hamza, are without a father forever. And our big house of seven flats is gone.

Born in 1983, Hamada was timid but humorous and adventurous. He would be silent most of the time, but when he did speak, he was usually seeking to go beyond the boundaries of the given.

His newly developed public speaking and acting skills won him the role of Karkour, the most famous television character in the Gaza Strip. Karkour, a mischievous chicken, was the star of Al-Aqsa TV’s program Tomorrow’s Pioneers, which hosted children from all over the Gaza Strip.

Hamada’s character attracted an audience from all over Palestine and even the Arab world, where kids would call to protest Karkour’s jaywalking, shouting over the telephone and other such annoying behaviors, and suggest to him more well-behaved alternatives.

Early this year, Hamada won a small role in another TV show that started airing this Ramadan but was stopped due to the ongoing Israeli onslaught.

The death of my brother will come as a shock to the large numbers of children whose favorite part of Friday was watching Karkour misbehave and helping him change into a better Karkour, thanks to their advice, only for him to relapse at the start of the next episode into another anti-social behavior.

By killing my brother, Israel has surely has killed a promising talent, and deprived thousands of children of a funny and educational program.



His memories, his tales, his jokes, his innocent smile will live forever through us, through his two beautiful children, and through the thousands of children who loved him on TV and in real life.

How can anyone not have sympathy for such a guy? That poor chicken who was teaching kids about good behavior. So sad he was killed!

But you get a very different picture when you know he was Nahoul the Bee, whose life lessons were things like:

And this:

(if the first video does not upset many “liberals”, that second one will)

Which helps explain why 26 members of his family were killed.

My brother will be martyr number 26 in my extended family; five of them were killed last week and had their bodies dug out of the rubble during Saturday’s twelve-hour “humanitarian ceasefire.”

He was no doubt a member of a Hamas clan. These were not innocent bystanders – they were involved with Hamas, whether as direct combatants or willing human shields.

This paints a very different picture of who was killed – someone working for Hamas, helping them incite murder against Jews. Something his brother and the likes of the Electronic Intifada would not want people to know.

So much so, that I strongly suspect this is not just lying by omission but an explicit lie. I posit Muhammed never even played Karkour, but rather only Nahoul the Bee. Why else would his work as Nahoul be mentioned on the program commemorating him, but not this supposed Karkour gig?

So once again, what we have here is patent lying and dishonesty by the Israel haters. And as I keep reminding you, if you have truth and justice on your side, you do not need to lie.

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