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BDS Movement Statement on International Women’s Day Says It All

Yesterday, on International Women's Day, the BDS movement released a following statement that reveals all you need to know about this insidious movement

Faux Feminist Linda Sarsour One Of Those Arrested At NYC Rally

The Sharia-law loving "feminist" and Israel hater was one of those arrested yesterday for disorderly conduct

Zionist Leader Jabotinsky’s Stand For Women

An interesting slice of history

Palestine International Woman’s Day Role Model

Role model for Palestinian women: applicants need to have killed at least 30 Jews.

Supermodel Naomi Campbell “Loves The Energy” In Israel

Another high profile visitor

The Covered Faces of Evil on the Temple Mount

The week marking International Woman's Day was met with a wonderful celebration of female assertiveness on the Temple Mount
image Arab girl

International Women’s Day Photo

First Israeli selected to represent Israel as a youth delegate to the United Nations

Happy International Women’s Day!

Today is International Women's Day, and it would be remiss of us to let the day pass without acknowledging the importance of women in our lives

Israel’s Most Sexist

Ynet reports: The television spot for Fairy dishwashing liquid was chosen by the Women's International Zionist`s Organization as the most sexist advertisement in 2009. The spot...


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