Faux Feminist Linda Sarsour One Of Those Arrested At NYC Rally

Sharia-law loving “feminist” and Israel hater Linda Sarsour was one of those arrested yesterday for disorderly conduct, during a New York City rally on International Women’s Day.

Police arrested prominent Palestinian-American activist Linda Sarsour for disorderly conduct on Wednesday during a demonstration outside of Trump International hotel in New York City.

Sarsour, executive director of the Arab American Association of New York, received several warnings along with other demonstrators to disperse and leave the roadway outside of Trump International. The New York Police Department arrested Sarsour and other protesters after they refused to move, according to news reports and social media.

Police officers escorted Sarsour away with handcuffs.


Sarsour was released later that evening.

Of course, this is not her first time being arrested.

Meanwhile, here is Sarsour speaking at the rally before the arrest, lambasting those whose feminism does not include all women, telling them “We don’t need your feminism”.

Yes Linda, they don’t need your feminism.

3 thoughts on “Faux Feminist Linda Sarsour One Of Those Arrested At NYC Rally”

  1. “if your feminism doesn’t include all women”?? Such hypocrisy. The “women’s march” barred pro-life women’s groups from participating.

  2. This is unfortunate. I wish there had been another way that involved exposing her toxic opinions and shaming her. This just gets her precisely the attention that she is looking for. She will turn this into a story of being arrested for speaking for women and feminists.

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