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Jerusalem Post Blunder of the Day

The Jerusalem Post may have revamped their website, but they still have a penchant for hilarious gaffes

German Commissioner Files Complaint Against ‘Antisemitic’ BDS Group

Remember how the German-based BDS Wiesbaden group justified the Baba Sale Congregation synagogue in LA being defaced with "Free Palestine" graffiti, and then doubled down on their antisemitism? We have not heard the end of it.

Jerusalem Post Disgraces Itself With Defense of Infamous Israel Hater Gary Spedding

The Jerusalem Post defends a renowned Israel hater...and doubles down

Who Can Trust The News Anymore?

I'm having serious trust issues with the mainstream media

Humungus Fail Of The Day: Abbas’ Zionist Gift To Saudi King

Mahmoud Abbas clearly does not know his history

The Pope, A Journalist And A Terrorist Walk Into A Bar With An Interpreter...

The current Pope is not fluent in Arabic and Abu Mazen, unless he learned it while organising the attack on the Italian ship Achille Lauro, doesn't speak Italian.

Why Is UNRWA’s Chris Gunness Outing A Journalist Not A Story?

Why is the foreign media in Israel completely determined not to investigate Chris Gunness and UNRWA objectively?

Oh No, Jerusalem Post, You Didn’t

They did

The Jerusalem Post Fails At Helicopters

Fail once, lol on you. Fail twice, shame on you.

Everything You Always Wanted To Know About Shoddy Journalism*

* (but were afraid to ask)
image Al-Aqsa Mosque

It’s New Settlements Stupid

Building new settlements has caused a deep hole, and what next

More Shoddy Journalism From The Jerusalem Post

This time, they've just reported a story that is a year and a half old

Great Moments In Ad Placement

Just spotted on the JPost website


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