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Why The Arabs Are NOT Indigenous to Israel (But Have Rights of Longstanding Presence)

The Arabs have rights of longstanding presence, which should be respected, but they are not and do not qualify as indigenous

The Most Epic Purim Costumes I Have Seen This Year

Every year, there seems to be a trend in Purim costumes and this year seems no different. At least what I have noticed is the "optical illusion" costume seems to be all the rage.

WATCH: Mumbai’s Muslim Engraver Of Jewish Tombstones

The touching story of Mohammad Yaseen, one of the last engravers of Jewish tombstones in Mumbai.

A Message To My Jewish Friends

Ryan with an important message

I Find the New Left Offensive

Can't you just smell the hypocrisy?

Missing The Point

This kind of thing makes me angry

The Lessons of Pesach

In the sandy crevices of a harsh desert, we truly became a people.

What Is The Big Jewish Conspiracy Anyway?

Lex knows the secret

Shana Tova

Rosh Hashanah greetings for our Jewish readers

Happy Passover

My traditional pre-Passover postapalooza

The History Lesson

We need to ask: how did we allow the twisting of the quintessential bully story?

Michael Douglas, The Genesis Of A Prize

Mazal tov to Michael Douglas for being awarded the $1 million Genesis Prize award for his efforts to promote Jewish culture

“Thursday? That’s Simchat Torah!”

See you on the flip side
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