Your Royal Jewness


I heard the rumors at the time of the royal wedding and they just won’t go away.

Seder Night at Buckingham Palace may not be in Queen Elizabeth’s diary of events but placing an order for Matzah may just be on the cards for a future King of England.

When Prince William tied the marital knot with Kate Middleton in last year’s fairy tale wedding he is said to have married into a Jewish blood line stretching back centuries.

William follows his father Prince Charles as heir to the throne and his new mother-in-law is the former Carole Goldsmith. Despite five generations of Goldsmiths marrying in church some royal observers say there’s a very real Jewish heritage in the Goldsmith clan.

Read the whole thing for other examples of Jooooooos and UK leadership.

Meanwhile, it’s a shame the Jewish connection did not rub off at all on the wedding ceremony.

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