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Even The Neturei Karta Israel-Haters Need Palestinian Police Protection

A few days ago, anti-Israel nutjobs the Neturei Karta went to Joseph's Tomb in Nablus, which is under PA control.
crowded housing in refugee camp in Nablus

To Whom It May Concern: It’s Cropped!

When was the last time you saw a photo of Nablus that was not cropped?

Reader Post: What the Torching of Joseph’s Tomb Teaches Us About #AlAqsaUnderAttack

How is it that Palestinians continue to believe Israel is planning to attack al-Aqsa?

Palestinians Rage Against Joseph’s Tomb

I guess we should go out now and start stabbing and ramming our cars into a bunch of palestinians
ben josef livnat

PA Kills Jew And Wound 5 More

While Christians around the world celebrate Easter, at least one member of the Jewish faith has been shot and killed, and 5 others wounded, for exercising their right to practice theirs.
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