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London Labour Wishes Jews A Happy Passover….With A Loaf of Bread!

In their latest attempt to show they really do like the Jews after all, London Labour have tweeted the following Passover greetings

Mocking Nike? He Just Did It!

The Daily Freier is ready to show just how #Woke he is with the Wokiest set of Woke Memes this side of Wokeachusetts

Anti-Israel Labour Group’s Huge Freudian Slip

You can't make this stuff up. (And what a stuff-up it is)

UK Government Report Scathing About Corbyn’s Labour Party

Analysis: ‘Zionist’ must not be used as term of abuse, says UK Parliament report

Naz Shah Pretending Her Own Children Are Dead To Slander Israel

Fat chance her re-tweet was a one off.

Guido Fawkes Talks To IDF Radio

Listen to the UK blogger who’s illuminating the UK Labour Jew hatred.

Naz Shah Confirms West Bank Is Part Of Israel

What do you expect when you quote Norman Finkelstein?

That’s The Jew You Use?

How to look like you’re helping while simultaneously making things worse.

Reset The Labour Jew Hatred Counter

If you think Hitler is the greatest man in history, you are probably already in the Labour party.

WATCH: UK Labour’s Jewish Problem

It’s getting very hard for Labour to hide its problem.

Gerald Kaufman Goes Full Protocols In Parliament

“It’s Jewish money, Jewish donations, to the conservative party as in the general election in May, support from the Jewish Chronicle”

WATCH: Say My Name, Say My Name, Jeremy (Updated)

Perhaps Jeremy Corbyn follows the Iranian Press TV Style guide and only refers to Israel as the “Zionist Entity”?

Brian Of London Does i24News In The Evening

Talking about the election of Jeremy Corbyn to leadership of Her Majesty’s Opposition in the UK.

LISTEN: Jeremy Corbyn Really Hates Israel A Lot

We’ve already shown he has a Palestine obsession: this interview double underlines it and gift wraps it.
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