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No Antisemitism Here…Now Move Along (To Attend the Kol Nidre Service)

A Jewish "anti-racist activist" and a member of Jewish Voice for Labour are part of the line-up at a meeting to dismiss the antisemitism of Jeremy Corbyn and company. Guess when it is scheduled for.

Operation: Mary Lockhart

You can say we took care of things in Mary's house yesterday. Enjoy the ants, Mary.

Play George Galloway/Ken Livingstone Bingo!

With the upcoming Liverpool stage show of George Galloway and Red Ken Livingstone, what kind of drinking game will we play?

The Real Reason Many Israelis Support Two States, And It’s Not What You Think!

Most Israelis I've spoken to support a two state deal, and not for the reasons you think.

Israel Hater Tony Greenstein Expelled From UK Labour Party

Some good news from the UK, with an infamous hater kicked out of the Labor party for offensive comments and posts

UK Labour MPs Advised Not To Push For Hizbullah Ban

Labour MPs have been advised not to push for Hezbollah to be banned in Britain because party leaders want to “encourage” the terrorist group “down an effective democratic path”.

Wes Streeting MP Can’t See A Problem

The only “peace” that can happen in 24 hours is the “Peace of Islam” if Jews lie down and submit to Muslim law and Dhimmitude.

Reader Post: 2016 Divided By 1984

Is there a home for a Jew and a Zionist in the UK's Labour Party?

Will The Democrats Go The Way Of Labour?

Former leader of Oxford University Labour Club describes how the club turned a blind eye to anti-Semitism in its ranks

Jihad Jenny Tonge Going To Corbyn’s Labour Party

I’m sure she’ll be as happy as a pig in mud over there.

Labour Pains In The UK

UK’s Labour Party hoping to follow the Liberal Party into electoral irrelevance by hating Israel as much as they can.

Who Is UK Labour’s Ed Miliband A Friend Of?

Labour leader Ed Miliband: do you support Israel or BDS against Israel?


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