Operation: Mary Lockhart

Meet Mary Bain Lockhart. Scottish councillor for a UK political party that will remain nameless but has a history of antisemitism and rhymes with “neighbour.”

She is not a friend of Israel and by default on our hit list. On July 26 she posted this on her Facebook page:

By defending the Labour party against charges of antisemitism, she has simultaneously dug the following holes:

  • Claiming that the legitimate concerns of antisemitism in “Jewish” newspapers and The Guardian against the Labour party actually leads to more antisemitism.
  • Suggesting the legitimate concerns of antisemitism is a campaign assisted by The Mossad.
  • And then finishes off with a glorious piece of antisemitism charging Israel as a racist state, and using the “Palestinian are also semites” line (even though this argument has been rendered useless numerous times).
  • Says Israel is “ant-Semitic” (sic).

Normally when we see blatantly antisemitic posts by people in government, we let them off with a warning. But this was a typo we couldn’t resist taking advantage of.

Here is her very next post.

So there you go. You can say we took care of things in Mary’s house yesterday. Enjoy the ants, Mary.


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