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WATCH: All About the Facts

Well done

Guess Who’s Back, Back Again!

From the creators of The Tribal Update - Latma - a new comedy show on Israeli TV.

I’m An IDF Soldier

Happy and Kosher Passover to our wonderful soldiers, and to the entire Jewish people and our friends in Israel and throughout the world.

Sunday Morning Funny: Where Is My Jihad Edition

I wish it wasn't so funny or true. http://youtu.be/XgTmGIXT8ow  

The Jerusalem Post Pulled A JonDonnison

Jerusalem post print shopped image on front page

Latma Presents: Somebody To Hate

Another winner from Latma

Latma Presents: Guns, Guns, Guns

Another Latma home run

Egyptian Revolution Blues

Latma, eat your heart out.
palestinian poll

The Day In Israel: Sun Nov 21st, 2010

A new poll has confirmed what many (including me) have been saying for years: the palestinians' ultimate goal is not peace and a two-state solution.

Latma Does Pallywood

Latma with another great piece of satire.
Mahmoud ahmadinejad

The Bomb Song

Inspired by Latma's The Iranian Bomb song, Aussie Dave channels Sisqo to bring you what is sure to be another karaoke hit.
latma bomb

The Iranian Bomb

Latma with another instant classic.

YouTube Cons Israel

Caroline Glick, one of the driving forces behind the Latma and its now-viral video We Con The World, posts about YouTube's latest scum move.


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