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WATCH: The Whole Two State Solution Dead Or Alive Debate

Melanie Phillips and David Collier are highlights in this.

The Two State Solution: Dead Or Alive?

Brian of London will be speaking in public in London! Get your tickets now.

The BBC Shills For Hamas And Melanie Phillips Calls Them On It

And of course, it wouldn’t be the internet if a noted Israel hater like Ben White didn’t try to lie back.

Melanie Phillips Talks Israel And Jews Down Under

Melanie Phillips casts an Israel and Jewish focused eye on what is going on in Australia.

Where To Find Real Intelligent Discussion About Islam

Sisi knows terrorist attacks we see in Israel, the west and the aggressive war of conquest being waged by Da’esh nearby are real Islam.

Phillips Talks To Poller, Dyer & Murray On France, Terror And Islam

Not one, not two but three great interviews by Melanie Phillips on Voice of Israel.

Building Bridges

We are Canadians who want to change things and to protect our country and make it the place it was meant to be

Jews Debate The UK Condemns

Two nights ago I watched the profoundly depressing debate in the UK’s House of Commons over the recognition of Palestine.

Alex Brummer Bites Back: It’s Court Jew Vs Phillips

Alex Brummer of the UK's Board of Deputies has nothing better to fight against than brave Jews like Melanie Phillips.

Melanie Phillips Is Honest In Jerusalem

I wish I could disagree with her but I can’t.

Waking Up In A Bad Place


Anti-Zionism Is Racism

Zionism is no more nor less than the self-determination of the Jewish people

Douglas Murray’s Cambridge Union Masterclass

Douglas Murray schools the Iran-appeasing opposition.

You Have To Think Like The Other Guy

The unsurprising views of the very model of a modern Muslim moderate.
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