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India Furious As Palestinian Ambassador To Pakistan Shares Stage With Terrorist

A palestinan official sharing a stage with a terrorist sounds to me like a regular PA general meeting

WATCH: Mumbai’s Muslim Engraver Of Jewish Tombstones

The touching story of Mohammad Yaseen, one of the last engravers of Jewish tombstones in Mumbai.

Wrongly Accused

Meet the couple wrongly accused of being Mossad agents

Baby Moshe, Three Years On

A few days ago was the third anniversary of the worst terror attacks in India's history. India's TV have come out with this report on baby Moshe, who lost his parents during the siege at Nariman House but miraculously escaped, thanks to the efforts of his Indian nanny.
Hebron protest

The Day In Israel: Sunday July 11th, 2010

Israel has made clear that it will not allow an "aid" ship funded by a charity headed by the son of Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi dock in Gaza.

The Day In Israel: Friday Nov 27th, 2009

The IDF foiled a terror attack on Thursday, with an IDF bomb squad detonating a 15-kilogram explosive seized during a search conducted along the...

The Day In Israel: Wed Nov 18th, 2009

"The threat that Iran poses is very grave for the state of Israel, for peace in the Middle East and the whole world. Without...

The Day In Israel: Wed Nov 4th, 2009

The US House of Representatives yesterday condemned the Goldstone Report as "biased and unworthy of further consideration", passing (344-36) a a nonbinding resolution urging...

Silverstein Outdoes Himself

Self-important windbag Richard Silverstein wants everyone to know that the Mumbai terrorists - who went out of their way to find the Jewish Chabad...

But Obama Was Going To Change Everything

Below I will explain clearly why I'm posting this link to Iowahawk's latest satirical new item "We Didn't Get the Memo About Obama". Iowahawk...

More Dumb Comments From Guess Who

When Richard Silverstein sees the images of newly orphaned Moshe Holtzberg, whose parents were brutally murdered by terrorists last week, he is moved. Moved to...

Silverstein: Close But No Cigar

After previously claiming that the Mumbai Chabad House massacre was "a theatrical statement of hate" whose intended audience was India, with the attackers "cynically...

Bad Image

In an MSNBC report on some Muslim reactions to the Mumbai terrorist attacks: Many Muslims said they are worried such carnage is besmirching their religion. "The...

A Further Glimpse At the Evil

The Mumbai terrorists reportedly gave some special attention to their Jewish victims (hat tip: LGF reader Anand). They said that just one look at the...


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