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Netanyahu Agrees With Me: The Call To Prayer is Welcome, Just Not at 4AM

PM Netanyahu said he supports a bill to bar mosques from using loudspeaker systems for the Muslim call to prayer
13 year old Halel Yaffa Ariel was stabbed to death by an Arab terrorist as she slept in her bed.

Reader Post: The Terrorism Game

Reader Sammy asks has anybody else had enough of this horrifying charade?

WATCH: Someone Send Some Preparation H To The State Department

They’re going to have terrible haemorrhoids at the State Department if they keep sitting on that very narrow fence.

Joe’s World: Obama’s Special Delivery

A fowl plot is afoot

Jen Psaki: Kerry Has Made Dozens Of CALLS On Israel’s Behalf

Israel should be GRATEFUL that Sec. Kerry has made simply DOZENS of calls on its behalf!

Former Obama Director Working In Israeli Campaign

The hypocrisy is stunning

WATCH: Dermer Is A Star On MSNBC

"In Israel the Jewish people do not ask others to defend them. In Israel, the Jewish people defend themselves."

1.21 Gigawatts Of Chickensh*t

Bibi you bojo! Sanctions don't work on Iran. Unless you got POWER!

What Jeff Goldberg Has Overlooked

Jeffrey Goldberg left out a few details about the US-Israel relationship.

This Fox News Headline Is Sly As A Fox

It's a falsehood in a headline and so subtle it's almost not there. It's a lie that's sly as an, um, Fox.
picture Hamas rockets, image Hamas rockets Israel. photo Gaza rockets

An Obama “Blast” From The Past

In 2008, he said one thing, in 2014, something very different. Will the real Obama please stand up?

Izzy And The Muslim Guard

Izzy confronts a Muslim guard who explains that the Temple Mount is no longer holy to the Jews.

Follow-Up: Make No Mistake About It

A follow-up piece to Make No Mistake About It. Here the author attempts to offer persuasive arguments to back the earlier rant.

The Official Government Of Israel Response To The UNGA Resolution

Anachronistic, but relevant as ever.


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