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Linda Sarsour’s Epic Dumbassery

Not so "woke" after all

North Korea Opens For Israeli Tourists

Globes reports on a new tourist destination for Israelis

Cartoon: Kim Jong-Un’s Secret

North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un reveals how he got The Interview pulled from theaters

Reader Post: What in the World is Wrong with North Korean Leader Kim Jong-Un?

Reader Gidon asks what is wrong with him. Besides the obvious.

The Curious Case Of The Clueless Bashers

The first rule of "fact-checking" is to fact-check yourself

Reader Post: Official Obama Biography Already Stirring up Controversy

Reader Gidon suggests some working titles for the authorized Barack Obama biography

Scenes From A North Korean Military Visit In Iran

These photos taken from Iran get the Israellycool treatment

In Case You Still Believe The UN Has Any Relevance

..or modicum of decency

The Evil Elder

What is evil, decrepit and smells like peanuts?

The Vice Guide To North Korea

A fascinating look at the big bowl of nutty that is North Korea

Ding Dong The Kim Jong Is Dead

Kim Jong Il. But now he's dead

Sunday Evening Commercial

Introducing Sprite's new commercial in Israel: Sprite Revolution


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