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Know Your History: The Palestine Of 1897 (NY Times Aug 15, 1897)

From the New York Times August 15, 1897

Know Your History: Arab Boycott (NY Times Dec 4, 1945)

Introducing a new series where I bring to you news from the newspaper archives to debunk common misconceptions about the Middle East conflict

Israel Haters’ Latest Nasty Trick: Fake NY Times (Updated)

More dirty tactics by the haters

Reader Post: How To Read The NY Times

The only way to get the truth out of the NY Times

Reader Post: How Dean Baquet Helped Me Understand The Bias At NY Times

Where Dean Baquet, Executive Editor at the N.Y. Times, gets snarky at a reader.

New York Post Applauds Bon Jovi For Standing Up To “Boycott Buffoons”

Nice work NY Post editorial board for this op-ed on Bon Jovi standing up to Roger Waters and his merry band of BDSHoles

When Facts Are A Casualty

Actual facts are simply not relevant to the battle they are fighting

Media Bias Of The Day: Evil NYT Photo Edition

A young palestinian stabs a 19-year-old Israeli soldier in cold blood, while the latter is sleeping next to him on a bus. How does the NY times report it?


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