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Fauxtography Of The Day: Lonesome Dove Edition

They must think we are birdbrains

The Power Of Photoshop

Come on ladies, please, this mess is pretty much entirely created by women for women.

Iran Caught In A Faux Drone Lie Again

Yes, Iran did just pass off the German quadrotor Micro UAV md 4-200 as their own Mahnad-41.

The Jerusalem Post Pulled A JonDonnison

Jerusalem post print shopped image on front page

Iran’s Shiny New Fake Drone

It's actually a photoshopped Japanese drone

Iranian “Mossad Spy”: Arab Media Now Smells A Rat

Regarding the supposed Mossad spy executed in Iran, the Arab media has reportedly caught on to the bogusness of it all

Iranian “Mossad Spy”: Death By Photoshop

A few days ago, Iran hanged a "Mossad spy." But it seems he may be a victim of Photoshop.

Ashton, Kutcher Please Cover Up?

The Iranians have given European Union foreign policy chief Catherine Ashton the Photoshop treatment, covering up her neckline in front page photographs.

Ding Dong the Jong is Dead?

How I've always wanted to say that. Digital sleuths are coming closer to uncovering the mystery surrounding North Korea's secretive leader, Kim Jong-il, who has...


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