Iran’s Shiny New Fake Drone


A few weeks ago, we heard news of a new Iranian tilt-rotor drone called Koker-1.

The test flight of KOKER 1, the first VTOL drone built by Iranian scientists, was successful. It is designed for rescue and relief operations, identification and visual inspection of land and sea areas. The first phase of the project will be revealed in a month’s time on the island of Kish.

But it turns out, the only thing new about it is the Photoshop suite used to edit a Japanese drone:

Earlier this month Iran showed off its latest drone design, but on examination the photographs bear a striking similarity to those coming out of Japan’s Chiba University.

The connection was spotted by pilot, and blogger, Gary Mortimer, who felt the design of the KOKER-1 looked familiar but had to spend a few weeks remembering exactly where he’d seen it before before he remembered the Japanese researchers. He charitably suggests the Iranians might have bought a Quad Tilt Wing (QTW) unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) for testing, but admits they found a remarkably similar building over which to test it:

The Japanese drone is on the left, the Iranian one (sans windmills) in the right

In announcing the KOKER-1 the Iranians took full credit for the design, which is apparently the first vertical take-off drone built by Iranian scientists, scientists who presumably aren’t fans of windmills but like the shadows they leave.

It’s amazing that after Iran has been caught editing images for their propaganda again and again and again and again, they still do it!


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