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Israeli Elections: What’s Wrong With Us?

Why can't we all work together and face our common enemy? "Microclashes." They seem like mountains to those who have them, but from a birds-eye view they are molehills, or more like hangups.

Smolani & Me Part 2: “Maybe If We’re Nice To Them, They Won’t Want...

Why the West has such an abysmal track record in the Middle East

Reader Post: 16 Key Differences Between Liberals And Leftists

“incorrectly defining liberalism is creating a lot of problems in the world” - Karen Lehrman Bloch. Do you agree?

Reader Post: A Remembrance Poem

Reader Ivan with a poem for Remembrance Day
image Eric Cantor,

Big US Election News: Pols and Polls

My husband's first words today, "You did not tell me Cantor lost!"
image Isaac Herzog, photo Herzog Labor leader, picture Herzog

Photo of the Day: Herzog New Labor Leader

New Israeli Labor leader Buji Herzog - photo of the day

Out To Lunch: Deep Thoughts From My Left-Wing Friends

Today’s Gem: “Meretz is not a left-wing party”

Hi I’m The New Girl

I'm Varda, the new girl in town. I make coffee, but I don't do windows.

Sarah Silverman Trying To Influence Israeli Election

After throwing her support behind Barack Obama in the US Presidential Elections, "comedienne" Sarah Silverman is trying to influence the upcoming Israeli election

The Gold Standard In Negative Jewish Endorsement

With friends like this!

Israeli Elections 2009: The Next Day

Click refresh to see new updates during the day. What a cliffhanger. What a political system. With 99% of the votes counted, Kadima is ahead of Likud...

Liveblogging the Israeli Elections 2009

Sticky post. Scroll down for new posts and updates. Welcome to the Israeli Elections 2009 liveblogging post. I will be blogging throughout the day, and will...

Open Thread: Israeli Election Edition

With the Israeli elections tomorrow, now is a good time to start discussing who you will/would vote for and why. As for me, I am...

They’ve Got It All Wrong

Ha'aretz reports on the shenanigans of some Israeli Labor Party activists. The headquarters of the young activists on behalf of the Labor Party will hold...


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