Sarah Silverman Trying To Influence Israeli Election


After throwing her support behind Barack Obama in the US Presidential Elections, “comedienne” Sarah Silverman (and I use the word loosely*) has used Twitter to try and influence the upcoming Israeli elections.

Both Meretz and the Green Movement are left-wing parties. Zehava Galon, who responded to Silverman’s Tweet above, is the Chairwoman of Meretz, and had this to say:

“I was really excited,” Galon told Israeli website Mako, “the same day Obama is elected Silverman thought that Meretz is the sane and liberal alternative and that made me really happy.” Mako also reports that Silverman’s sister Susan, who is a reform rabbi who lives in Jerusalem, is friends with Galon, although Galon has never met Sarah. “She’s amazing,” Galon added, “she is an opinion leader and I think it’s cool.”

Silverman has since deleted her Tweet, which begs the question: why? She hardly seems to care what others think.

For the record, her Twitter profile still mentions her location as “Palestinian Territories.”

* way looser than one of her trademark scissor moves

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