They’ve Got It All Wrong


Ha’aretz reports on the shenanigans of some Israeli Labor Party activists.

The headquarters of the young activists on behalf of the Labor Party will hold a meeting over the weekend to discuss the creative and “naughty” activities they may take upon themselves to promote the party ahead of the February 10 elections.

The young activists will hear addresses given senior party members, including MK Ofir Pines-Paz and Labor Party Secretary General Eitan Cabel. An address will also be given by media adviser Shalom Kital on the public relations campaign that will be launched ahead of the elections. A discussion will be held on the role of the young activists in the campaign.

bibi-screw“The idea of the seminar is to examine how we as young people can take action,” said Labor youth chairman Maayan Amodai. “Naturally we’re the ones who will choose to do more crazy things, and will try to be naughtier and do things that the party itself wouldn’t be as comfortable doing.

Among the naughty campaign plans is to hand out condoms at an event hall where rival party Likud Chairman Benjamin Netanyahu is scheduled to speak, under the slogan “don’t let Bibi screw you.”

Shouldn’t they be teaching about abstinence instead? Handing out condoms does not send the message “Don’t let Bibi screw you,” but rather “Let Bibi safely screw you.”

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