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P is For ‘Pope Goes the Weasel’

From "Monks" to the Pope - P is for Palestine author Golbarg Bashi sure likes exploiting religion to help spread her propaganda

Cruelty To The Kind And Kindness To The Cruel – A Modern Catastrophe

Hear no evil, see no evil panders to cruelty. Humans are obligated to differentiate good from evil.

Live In Peace With Your Pope

It was probably ONLY because of the blogosphere and one sharp eyed observer who tipped a few of us of, that the misquoting of the Pope was corrected.

Joe’s World: Angel of Pizza

Another cheesy headline

Mahmoud Abbas: Can He Repent?

Can Abbas repent and other existential questions.

Pope: “I Am Converting To Islam” – Associated Press

You see that headline come across your news desk from a wire service: would you try to fact check it with the Vatican?

Pic Fail Of The Day

Because sometimes the Facebook photo preview thing-a-me-jig is not quite working the way it should.

Picture Of The Day: Bibi Tries To Recover Stolen Property

Have you seen one like this, just a bit bigger?

Headline of the Day

Vatican defends pope condoms stand Talk about reform in the Catholic Church.
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