P is For ‘Pope Goes the Weasel’

From “Monks” to the Pope – P is for Palestine author Golbarg Bashi sure likes exploiting religion to help spread her propaganda (C what I did there?)

And it gets even worse: according to pro-Israel activist Polly, she posted it to a Moms group!

I guess she did not think it through too much. Jesus was J for Jewish (the Pope would even agree), so his presence in Bethlehem all those years ago is a reminder of W is We Were There Way Before The Palestinian Arabs.

And I’m sure the Pope would not really approve of her book. He is against terrorism, violence and genocide after all.

Note also the hashtag she has used: #PlsforPalestine – it used to be #PisforPalestine, but I guess I ruined it for her.

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