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Who Wrote it Better?

Another Charles vs William special

Who Wore it Better?

Prince William is in Israel..which leads to this important question arising

Prince Charles Doesn’t Think Jews Belong In Israel

The Arabs have convinced Charles that Jews don’t belong in our indigenous, ancestral homelands.

Why The British Royal Family Won’t Visit Israel

Prince Charles refuses to visit Israel until "the conflict is resolved," but he has no problems visiting other conflict-rich and human rights abusing countries.

Where Prince Charles Honors Chief Rabbi Jonathan Sacks

I'm not a huge fan of the Prince, but this is a pretty good speech, the mention of Arsenal notwithstanding

Prince Charles Taking Arabic Lessons

Just curious or good planning?

Your Royal Jewness

I heard the rumors at the time of the royal wedding and they just won't go away

The Madness Of Future King Charles

Some say he talks to his plants, some say he plans to conquer the world with His own brand of organic food, all I know is he can give a two thousand word speech about British Jews, to British Jews and not mention Israel once.
prince charles

He’s Not the Messiah, He’s a Very Lazy Boy

Royal pain in the butt Prince Charles has decided he was put on this planet for a purpose.

Working Man

The Sydney Morning Herald reports: The Prince of Wales has admitted for the first time that he does not like large parts of his job. In...

Peres to Remain a Commoner

Do you recall the recent speculation about Israeli President Shimon Peres being knighted? How is it going, I hear you ask? About as well as his...


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