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Palestinians Accuse Prince William of Asserting Jewish Sovereignty Over “Al-Buraq Wall”

Apparently this display of respect is a "Jewish ritual" and an attempt to assert a Jewish claim on this "Muslim" holy site

Gaffe of the Day

Thank you Reuters for making my day!

Who Wrote it Better?

Another Charles vs William special

Who Wore it Better?

Prince William is in Israel..which leads to this important question arising

USA Today’s Right Royal Screw-Up

Following the latest royal wedding, Prince William is set to visit Israel this coming month. But as nice as this news is, USA Today has rained on the parade

Royal Visit? If You Will It, It Is No Dream!

Exciting news, with Prince William set to visit Israel this summer - in the first-ever official visit by the British royal family to the Jewish state

Is The Royal Baby A Distant Relative Of Muhammad?

Well, no. But he is Jewish

Your Royal Jewness

I heard the rumors at the time of the royal wedding and they just won't go away
daniel tannenbaum william

Separated At Birth: Jewish William Edition

Jewish student Daniel Tannenbaum and Prince William
royal wedding william kate

Live Royal Wedding Coverage

Right here at Israellycool
Cameron Reilly

Bucking Racist Lunatic

The Daily Mail reports how a Scots Guard has been removed from Royal Wedding duty for making "vile slurs" against Kate Middleton. His vicious racist and antisemitic comments are mentioned almost as an aside.


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