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Israel-Hater Tries To Discredit Me; Does It All Wrong

An Israel-hater does it all wrong

Even Israel-Hating NY Times Journo Malachy Browne Finds Israel Did Not Kill Razan Najjar...

As much as he tried, Malachy Browne could not avoid the truth

Yvonne Ridley’s Latest Anti-Israel Screed Riddled With Lies

Ridley hates Israel and lies shamelessly - both of which are evident in her latest piece

About THAT “Razan Throwing a Gas Canister” Video

The following video is doing the rounds, mostly with the claim that it shows Razan Najjar throwing a gas canister

Ridiculous Palestinian Propaganda of the Day

The palestinians are trying to milk the alleged death of Razan Najjar for all it is worth, as is manifest from their latest propaganda video

IfNotNow Co-Founder Max Berger is a Ham

What we see here is yet another libel by someone who's goal in life seems to be to demonize Israel - something that really can only be accomplished through lying

Contradictions in Palestinian Accounts of Death of Razan Najjar

While the IDF is investigating how she died, I have a number of questions based on what the palestinians are disseminating.

Palestinians Inciting Murder Against Innocent Young Israeli Woman

My heart goes out to this brave young lady as she has to deal with the online hate and worry at being harassed and possibly targeted for murder.


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