IfNotNow Co-Founder Max Berger is a Ham


IfNotNow is an extreme anti-Israel organization I have written about before on a number of occasions.

One of their founders is a guy by the name of Max Berger. Naturally, he is an accomplished liar. This is what he tweeted a couple of days ago, following the apparent death of Razan Najjar.

You know what is horrifying? The shameless dishonesty on display here. There is nothing honest about Berger’s claim – it is an outright lie.

This is what the IDF has said in response to Rajar’s death.

In a written statement on Saturday, the military said it would investigate al-Najar’s death.

“The IDF (Israel Defence Forces) constantly works to draw operational lessons and reduce the number of casualties in the area of the Gaza Strip security fence. Unfortunately, the Hamas terror organization deliberately and methodically places civilians in danger.”

How this equates to “We wouldn’t have shot Razan al-Najjar if she hadn’t been trying to save Palestinian lives” is beyond me.

There is no admission from the IDF that we shot her – just a promise to launch an investigation to determine what happened. And mentioning Hamas’ modus operandi of deliberately using civilians as human shields is not an admission we shot her either, nor is it an insinuation that she had it coming.

What we see here is yet another libel by someone who’s goal in life seems to be to demonize Israel – something that really can only be accomplished through lying.

Hat tip: Mike

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