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Who Wore It Better? Get Karta Edition

Recep Erdogan vs Ariel Gold

Turkish President Recep Erdoğan Implies Yair Netanyahu Responsible for NZ Mosque Terror Attacks

Time and others report that Turkish leader Recep Erdoğan has used footage of the New Zealand mosque shootings in a video montage. But what all the reports are missing is a key fact.

Let’s Talk Turkey About Aid To Gaza

Turkey may be sending another "aid ship" to Gaza, but a look at the actual data shows it has nothing on Israel when it comes to transferring aid.

What Obama Forgets, And What He Remembers

If Obama won't let Netanyahu's comment go, it's really worth asking why

The World According to Erdogan: Muslims Discovered America

Turkey's Erdogan rewrites history

Separated At Birth: Erdogan The Hypocrite Edition

I've been wondering where I've seen that moustache and comb over before.....

The Jerk From Turkey Has Beef With Protester

Terdogan has been caught on video slapping a protester and screaming an anti-Israel slur

Recep Erdogan: Pitch Imperfect

Remember when Turkish Prime Minister Recep got kicked in the the groin by a horse? Years later, it seems like he never recovered

Zionist Bee-Eater of Death

Introducing the latest addition to our Zionist Death Bird family

Wassup Recep?

Last week, Turkish prime Minister Tayyip Erdo?an denied rumors he was suffering from cancer. Which begs the question: why did he remain silent about the rumors for so long?

Hello…Is There Anybody IN There…

The Turkish Tourism Office in Tel-Aviv seems like a lonely place these days.
Tawfik Tirawi

Sunday Linkapalooza

All the links you can handle

What Really Happened To Terdogan?

A few days ago, I posted about Turkish leader Recip Erdogan being assaulted by a UN guard. It sounded like an unprovoked attack, but further details have emerged which paint it in a different light.


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