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Hollywood Stars Salute Israel at 70

Because there are some non-numbskulls in Hollywood

Robert De Niro’s Hotel and Restaurant to Open in Israel

Boutique hospitality company Nobu Hospitality LLC, co-owned by American actor Robert De Niro, is opening a hotel and restaurant in central Tel Aviv

Hollywood Celebrities Get Behind The IDF

Take that, BDS-holes!

Mr. De Niro in Israel

Robert De Niro has cleared up any misunderstanding about his position on Israel

BDS Fail Of The Day

I take your Hawking and raise you a De Niro

Hollywood Hacks

We already knew that Sean Penn was a Hollywood numbskull, but some new contenders for numbskullery have emerged.
Ehud Barak Hillary Clinton

The Day In Israel: Wednesday April 28th, 2010

Yesterday's big joke: Hamas claiming it has morals. Today's big joke? The French lecturing on acceptable and not acceptable behavior. Sarkozy: Netanyahu's foot dragging on...

“You Talkin’ To Me?”

The answer is "no" if your name is Mel Gibson. Mel Gibson's tentative return to the Hollywood fold hit choppy waters yesterday when it emerged...


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