Roger Waters’ Latest Antisemitism Bingo

Jew-hater Roger Waters has opened his piehole in yet another interview, this time with some Marxist-sounding outfit called the Peoples Dispatch. And as usual, he reveals his pathological hatred of the Jewish people, while simultaneously denying it.

Comparing us to the Nazis? Check.

Distorting the Jewish belief of ‘the Chosen People’? Check.

Perpetuating the David Duke-inspired idea of Jewish supremacy? Check.

Perpetuating the antisemitic trope of rich, powerful Jews? Check.

“I am not antisemitic and some of my best friends are Jewish”? Check.

Showing support for the antisemitic, Houthi terror group? Check.

Reiterating his claim that the October 7 narrative is “fishy” and most, if not all, of the atrocities that occurred did not actually occur? Check.

The more Waters does these interviews and claims he is not antisemitic, the more he shows the depths of his hatred for the Jewish people.

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