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WATCH: Roger Waters Attacks Artists Playing in Israel as ‘Pricks’; Engages in Antisemitic Trope...

I'll save you having to endure the full 43 minutes (it is painful); I have distilled the the "best" bits

Noa Tishby Whispering In Mick Jagger’s Ear?

Mick Jagger gets by with a little help from his friends!

Roger Waters Gathers Mason To Urge Rolling Stones To Boycott Israel

Roger Waters is not the only Pink Floyd member who needs an education

BDSFail: A Picture Worth A Thousand Words Edition

Just look at the image. No other comment required.

BDSHol’ing The Stones

With the Rolling Stones slated to perform in Israel on June 4th, the BDSHoles have urged the rockers to boycott us

What Rolling Stones: Boycott Israel FB Page Controversy DOES Show

While the EI failed to prove it is a hoax, the comments and tactics of the Israel haters does show exactly what they were trying to refute in the first place

Electronic Intifada Gets Desperate; Claims “Rolling Stones: Boycott Israel FB Page” Is Zionist Plant

And even accuses Israellycool of promoting the "hoax campaign"

BDSHoles Claim The Rolling Stones Are Boycotting Israel

Is there any truth to this claim or is it yet another example of BDS BS?


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