WATCH: Roger Waters Attacks Artists Playing in Israel as ‘Pricks’; Engages in Antisemitic Trope With Brian Eno


In a Zoom discussion with a BDS-hole called Frank Barat, musicians Roger Waters and Brian Eno spent quite a bit of time speaking about the boycott of Israel.

I’ll save you having to endure the full 43 minutes (it is painful); I have distilled the the “best” bits, which include:

  • Roger Waters referring to artists playing in Israel (specifically naming Nick Cave, Radiohead, Rolling Stones, Paul McCartney, and Elton John) as “pricks”
  • Roger Waters speaking about the “powerful” Israel lobby, and Eno implying Zionist Jews in the music industry can destroy careers by labeling pro-palestinian artists as “antisemitic”
  • Waters savagely ripping those who criticize him in an expletive-ridden rant, calling them “nobodies”
  • Waters further attacking the Rolling Stones as only “caring about the money” and then Nick Cave for thinking he does good
  • In a poorly-worded analogy, Eno basically comparing Israelis to Himmler

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