No Bones About It

Here is some good news for all of us, but especially Binyamin Netanyahu, if he plans on playing soccer again.

Scientists have grown human bone from stem cells in a laboratory.

The development opens the way for patients to have broken bones repaired or even replaced with entire new ones grown outside the body from a patient’s own cells.
The researchers started with stem cells taken from fat tissue. It took around a month to grow them into sections of fully-formed living human bone up to a couple of inches long.

Can you guess who’s behind it?

The first trial in patients is on course to be conducted later this year, by an Israeli biotechnology company that has been working with academics on the technology.

Professor Avinoam Kadouri, head of the scientific advisory board for Bonus BioGroup, said: “There is a need for artificial bones for injuries and in operations.

“We use three dimensional structures to fabricate the bone in the right shape and geometry. We can grow these bones outside the body and then transplant it to the patient at the right time.

“By scanning the damaged bone area, the implant should fit perfectly and merge with the surrounding tissue. There are no problems with rejection as the cells come from the patient’s own body.”

The technology, which has been developed along with researchers at the Technion Institute of Research in Israel, uses three dimensional scans of the damaged bone to build a gel-like scaffold that matches the shape.

I suggest the BDS boneheads boycott this.

6 thoughts on “No Bones About It”

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    1. It’s the same old Christian attempt to get us Jews to forsake our heritage I have seen many times before. Nothing new here and I remain underwhelmed by the message.

      1. Jim from Iowa

        I’m glad you told that jerk to bugger off. For You are the truth, the light and the way. We worship You oh mighty one.

  2. I suggest the BDS boneheads boycott this.

    They will if Israeli succeeds in exporting cloned jellied calves feet.

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