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Devastating News For Dickie

Doucheblogger Richard Silverstein is not going to be happy about this

NIF’s Ben Murane Tells Us How He Really Feels (And It Ain’t Pretty)

What happens when a Jewish community welcomes an anti-Israel radical under their communal umbrella? Just ask Seattle.

Feeble In Seattle

A group of Hamas sympathizers in Seattle tried to prevent the Zim Chicago from unloading but achieved little more than giving Zion Mike a splitting headache.

Blood Libel, It’s What’s for Dinner

No subtle hints of Jew hatred at this Seattle rally as a shocking poster depicting a Jew eating a gentile child bobbed happily above the crowd.

Israeli Soldier Completes US Mission, “I Hope I Made A Difference”

Hen Mazzig came to the US to make a difference. He was attacked, threatened and cursed and told Israel's story to over 40,000 students.

US Jews Pay To Be Vilified

Ali Abunimah in action, paid for by US taxpayers

BDS Fail Of The Day

The latest BDS abomination


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