Blood Libel, It’s What’s for Dinner

Anti-Israel protesters in Seattle, WA this past Saturday were not shy about how they really feel and guess what, they don’t care for the Jews.

Comparisons of Israel and Jews to Nazis were plentiful.


and they falsely claimed that Israel has halted food and medicine into Gaza, when in fact the opposite is true.


But the winning entry in the 1930’s flashback category was this poster (below) depicting a Jew with a Star of David bib feasting on a gentile child (with a cup of blood on the side).

The shocking throwback signage was seen bobbing up and down in a video of the rally from beginning to end. Did no one suggest to the bearer of the blood libel that perhaps they should consider a less, ummmm, retro message? Apparently not.

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While anti-Israel types as a rule try to conceal any animosity they may harbor towards Jews, it seems the attendees of  this particular rally didn’t get the memo.

The Seattle Rally was sponsored by a group called Voices of Palestine. More pics of this rally here.


Zion Mike

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