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New York Times Article On Ma’ale Adumim: All The Errors Fit to Print

Paula fisks a NY Times piece on her city

5 Common Myths About “The Settlements”

What you didn't know about lies beyond the Green Line

Israeli Settlement Facts To Counter #FakeNews

The truth about Israeli settlements is very rarely told in mainstream media

Is There An Illegal Occupation Of Judea And Samaria (West Bank) By Israel?

You can’t yet say the matter of settlements is settled.

Sick Of State’s Sanctimonious Settlement Screeching

Jews need to live in Shilo. And Arabs need to accept it. That’s the conversation now.

Alan Dershowitz’s Vision Problem

Alan Dershowitz takes a roots trip to Europe and has an epiphany: the Holocaust is the reason for Israel.

Three Myths About Israel, Exposed

The truth about the BDS movement will surprise you!
image land in Israel

Stop The Violation Of International Law!

It's time to stop the violation of international law!

Fighting The “Israel Apartheid” Lie And Other BDS Slanders

Mirabelle takes on some critical issues

People Hate Israel Like Louis CK Hates Cell Phones

A Louis CK routine as a metaphor for Jew-hatred. Now how great is THAT?
image land in Israel

Reader Post: It’s Not The Settlements, Stupid

Gil Reich says stopping settlement to make the world like Jews is as futile as Charlie Brown trying to kick Lucy’s football.

It’s The Settlements, Stoopid

Night time photo of the Settlement of Tel Aviv

It’s Settled, It’s Only Illegal When Jews Do It

One one thing is illegal for Jews but legal for non-Jews

CNN Reinvents History, Again: 1978 Camp David Accords

CNN invent non-existing Jewish settlement clause


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