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What I Learned On My Month Off Social Media

How a month off social media helped me calm the #%@$ down.

Reader Post: How To Respond To The Terror-Supporting Trolls

A meme to swat the trolls away

Uplifting Story Of Finding Lost Family

When you’re looking for something as important as lost family, never give up.

With Great Power Comes Potential For Abuse

There is a concentration of power in the newswire services. And they abuse it.

IDF’s Use Of Social Media Catches Attention Of Australian Defense Force

The IDF's use of social media during Operation Pillar of Defense caught the attention of many, including the Australian Defense Force. Color them impressed

Last Updated Four Score and Seven Minutes Ago

Abraham Lincoln: US President..lawyer..father of social media. Yeah, that's right. Dude invented Facebook
Hamas facebook

Hamas on Facebook

It's bad enough they have a Twitter account, but now Hamas has added a Facebook page as part of its incursion into social media.


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