Social Media is Toxic

I had a friend.

He was literally stabbed in the back by a terrorist.

He then chased down that terrorist and prevented him from stabbing more people by shooting him.

My friend died.

A few weeks later, some human skid mark made a Twitter account pretending to be my friend. I was not nice to them, and Twitter banned my author account with over 5 thousand followers because I “didn’t follow their guidelines” by telling off someone pretending to be my murdered friend. Two weeks later, they finally banned the fake account pretending to be my friend. My author account is now permanently banned and I cannot appeal.

I have a friend. His wife passed away from cancer after a long and bravely fought battle. She was also my friend and whenever I look at my Facebook memories and see her comments, I am reminded of what the world lost when she passed. She was wise, bright, articulate and a genuinely kind-hearted soul. My friend is a solid dude, and he carried on and kept working hard in the advocacy world. You would think a wife dying of a hideous disease would be off limits, and for any decent human being it would be. But we are not fighting decent human beings, so I see people taunt my friend with pictures of his wife and they bring her up all the time. It is in fact toxic and sickening. I have trouble maintaining my cool when I see it, and I constantly revise my “when I see you in person” list when I notice people doing that.

I have a friend. He isn’t even Jewish, yet at a debate event he was once told “I am sorry the Nazis missed some of your family.” When my friend confronted the idiot uttering that, the idiot’s friends “apologized” by claiming “He didn’t know you aren’t Jewish.” Leaving aside that my friend lost several members of his family fighting Nazis in WW2, he was standing with a Jewish friend. 

Ok, I’ll confess; that last “friend” is me, and the only reason I didn’t give the idiot a physics lesson is he was on crutches and we all the know the headline would have been “pro-Israel thug beats up crippled pro-palestinian.”

I constantly see extremely toxic stuff on social media, and for some reason it’s not often called out by the average person. On what planet is calling a Jew a Nazi not seen as ridiculously offensive? If you call an Indian a bluecoat in the USA, or a Mountie in Canada, you would get a physics lesson. It’s profoundly offensive to call someone the name of people who conducted a genocide on them. They do it BECAUSE it’s profoundly offensive, in an attempt to get a rise out of people who in general just keep on keepin’ on.

We are not fighting decent people. We are in fact fighting evil people, people who believe that the ends justify the means and that they can say absolutely horrific things in the name of “fighting Nazis” or “resistance.” Leave aside that they are actually supporting Arab and Muslim colonialism against indigenous rights. Leave aside that they are literally the spiritual successors to the Nazis themselves. Who else would advocate for the genocide of Jews? Who else would celebrate the deaths of Jews?

WE are the resistance. WE are the ones fighting against what seems to be overwhelming odds and against the mainstream. But we have an advantage – we are the good guys. I often say “no good person ever wakes up asking themselves how they can harm the Jews today,” and I stand by that.

So get banned on social media, speak truth in the face evil, and never back down. They want us to be quiet, they want to silence us, and I refuse.


Ryan Bellerose

A member of the indigenous Metis people, Ryan grew up in the far north of Alberta, Canada with no power nor running water. In his free time, Ryan plays Canadian Rules Football, reads books, does advocacy work for indigenous people and does not live in an Igloo.

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