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The Palestinians’ Added Layer of Mockery To “Swastika” Kite

There is something with the "Swastika" kite most people seem to have missed

Chief Executive of England’s Football Association Lumps Together Star of David With Swastika

Looks like foot-in-mouth disease is going strong in the land that suffered previously from Mad Cows

Hamas’ False Flag

Yup, Hamas went there

KA Design Presents..The Swastika T-Shirt

Crossing the boundary of decency, good taste and common sense

Photo Of The Day

Seen at the Arab village of Beit Ummar this morning

Madonna And The Nazi Imagery

Apparently Madonna's recent Tel Aviv concert contained more than singing and preaching about peace. Like montages with Madonna looking like Adolf Hitler and sporting a swastika on her forehead

Photo Of the Day

From the Department of Anti-Zionism Is Not Antisemitism
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