The Palestinians’ Added Layer of Mockery To “Swastika” Kite

During Friday’s Gaza “March of Return” riots, the palestinians flew this kite marked with a swastika and carrying a petrol bomb into Israel.

IDF Spokesperson

Except there is something most people seem to have missed.

As you can see, the swastika has dots between the “arms.” This is a feature of the Indian Swastika symbol, which denotes “prosperity”, but was co-opted by the Nazis to mean something else entirely.

Which begs the question: why did the palestinians place the dots there? Were they really wishing us prosperity?

The attachment of a firebomb to the kite, plus the fact it was flown on Hitler’s birthday, clearly tells us otherwise. So why did they do it? My best bet is it was a mocking way to make their point. In fact, I have seen at least one of their supporters make the argument that it was, actually the Hindu symbol.

The sad thing is, there will be people out there who will believe it was intended as a goodwill gesture. And to them I say “go fly a kite”!

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