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“Jihad” Jenny Tonge Claims Nurse Terrorist Was Innocent

Remember, this is a Baroness and member of England's House of Lords

Some Unexpected Support For Israel In Wake Of Jerusalem Terror Attack

Some of the support and solidarity shown towards us was not expected

List Of Car, Stabbing And Mortar Attacks This Weekend In Israel

Here’s a list of all the attacks we’ve had in Israel just since Friday 16th September 2016. #RelentlessJihad

Clean Cut

A question for you, my dear readers. What is your impression of this young man? What words immediately come to mind?

Palestinian Attempted Murder Caught On Video

Sticks and stones can break our bones
louise bagshawe

Bagging the Beeb

British MP Louise Bagshawe has ripped the BBC for it's (non) treatment of the Fogel family slaughter
palestinian police

Ma’aniac Media Mockery

They've turned lying into an art form

More Zionist Brutality

What kind of world do we live in where a man can't express his appreciation of G-d, and fire his weapon in the air as an expression of joy, without being shot dead?
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